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Avira: 2018/19

Client needs:

In these years of work, the customer has requested different types of processing.
In all cases, it was a question of re-adaptations of creativity conceived directly by the headquarter.



The work carried out remotely from Italy has always been continuous. For some tasks we have taken care of adapting the graphics in different dimensions according to the location of the target web spaces (magazines, blogs, etc.). In other cases we have adapted the graphics in different languages, which is not trivial if you think that a sentence in English is not the same length as one in Italian or Chinese. We took care of some tasks, of the realization of mini animated videos and gifs, which would go to implement static communication. The part of the collaboration that gave us the most satisfaction was the moment in which we participated in updating the brand guidelines

  • Date

    Ottobre 1, 2018

  • Skills

    Photoshop - Illustrator - indesign

  • Client

    Avira antivirus

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